Measure things around you.

AR Scale is highly customizable and completely free tool that helps you measure things around you!

About us

About AR Scale

Iotric is a leading full-cycle software development company specializing in creating business-centered digital solutions driven by innovation and technology. We have been building  Augmented Reality solutions to counter real-time problems.


Measure with ease

No more guesses, AR Scale assesses.

AR scale is an innovating measurement application which uses augmented reality. It is a technology that allows lying virtual tape measure ruler on a real world surfaces, making measurements process and 3D floor plan creation much quicker and easier. And, measure dimensions in metric units (cm, m, mm, inch, feet and yard).

AR Scale
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Features of AR-Scale (iOS)

3D Scan

3D Scan

3D Scan environment or an object using your device's LIDAR Scanner and take measurements.

Scan Room

Room Scan

3D Scan your room and save/measure it.

Load 3D model

Preload Model

Load 3D model (USD/USDZ/OBJ) to take measurements.

Object Identification

Identify and Measure

Identify room objects such as furniture, chair, cupboard etc. and get their dimensions.

Distance between two points

Distance Between 2 Points

Measure distance between any 2 points in real world.

Measure line

Measure Connected Lines

Measure distance between multiple points.

Measure Angle

Measure Angle

Measure the outer and inner angle using 3 points on a plane.

Human Height

Measure Human Height

Measure's a Person height by placing them in front of your camera.

Features of AR Scale (Android)

Distance Between two points

Measure Lines

Measure distance between two points.

Measure Connected Lines

Measure Connected Lines

Measure distance between connected lines by joining the dots.

Human Height

Measure Height

Measure Height of any object placed around you.

Measure Cube

Measure Cube

Measure area and height of a cubical shape object.

Floor Measurement

Floor Measurement

Measure and create a floor map to get the area of floor.

Measure Angle

Angle Measurement

Measure the outer and inner angle using 3 points on a plane.



Measure the angle of slope or elevation.


Air Measure

Measure any object by placing the markers in air.


Load 3D Model

Load and augment 3D model from your device or url.


All in one measurement tool to help you stay accurate.

AR Scale uses AR technology to create an interactive experience that lets users visualize and measure the size of objects in their surroundings, offering an innovative and intuitive way to measure distances and dimensions.

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